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Presidents' Page


Kathrin Hodgson
State Organisation President
April 2017



 Gardening is great balm for the soul – and the nerves! Either side of our State Conference in Greenwich, I was blighted by the failure of those twin evils – the printer and the email! Fortunately, my sense of equilibrium was restored by some extremely clement weather (they say the sun shines on the righteous) and three days of continuous gardening. During this time, I was able to reflect upon the work of our marvellous speakers from the conference, who work with people who, for a variety of reasons, have had to leave their home countries. Once again, the audience was enthralled and moved by the stories they heard. My printer and email difficulties fade into insignificance in comparison.    
      Looking back over the past two years, I wonder how it has been possible to fit in so much in such a short time. The challenges have been great, but the rewards even greater. Those of you who know me well will be aware of the many and varied opportunities DKG has given me through my joint roles as Chapter Member, State President, Chair of the European Forum, my third year as a member of the International Finance Committee and, of course, my two weeks at the University of Texas for the LMS (Golden Gift Seminar). This has necessitated a great deal of travel – Austin, Texas (many times); Nashville, Tennessee; Boras, Sweden; and Oslo. Who would have thought that a reluctant flyer would be clambering aboard planes on their own, without a murmur (no-one to complain to, you see!)
     One major sad event this year has been the demise of Beta Chapter; Jess Curtis and Gail Gladwin worked hard to try to keep the chapter going, taking on responsibility for all things administrative, pertaining to running a chapter. In the end, following a meeting that I attended last September in Plymouth, it was decided that the chapter should be dissolved. Two members – Jess and Zoe Newman – decided to remain as Reserve members, and we welcome them to Gamma Chapter. I would like, formally, to extend my thanks to Jess and Gail for their hard work and commitment for so many years.    
I had thought that this would be my final report as State President but, unfortunately, the reluctance of people to take on positions of responsibility at both chapter and state level continues. As a result, both Evelyn Goodsell and I agreed to be nominated to stand as Vice-President and President for another biennium. This is not an action that we will repeat, so please think carefully about taking on these roles. Both Evelyn and I are happy to involve potential replacements in our activities, shadowing what we do, so that they have an idea of the requirements of the roles.
     This July, I will be attending State Presidents’ training in Tallinn, Estonia, and am very much looking forward to visiting a city I have never seen before, and which I probably would never have travelled to, had it not been for DKG.  You see, DKG can offer so much.

Finally, I would like to thank all of you for your support over the past two years – it really has been greatly appreciated.

Barbara Kern
President of Alpha Chapter

February 2017


As the days are getting lighter Alpha Chapter is looking forward to Spring, and hopefully putting a spring in our chapter steps. We have had some very interesting meetings, and visits. The Christmas visit to the Fire of London exhibition gave us a fascinating insight. The talk by paralympic Gold Medal-winning rower Naomi Riches about her Great Thames Row, in aid of IN-Vision, a charity supporting those with Infantile Nystagmus, (165 miles Lechlade to Gravesend) was enthralling and motivating.  We have an interesting programme of meetings and visits to enjoy in the coming year. This time we have not got a specific theme, but will keep the subjects varied so those attending can enhance their knowledge and learn about matters old and new.   Little Paddle'  of 165 miles down the Thames from Lechlade to Gravesend,


 For more information contact me on  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .uk  

Jess Curtis
President of Beta Chapter 
September 2016



It was with great sadness that owing to increasingly difficult life circumstances, the  decision to close our Chapter was reached at a meeting, attended by State President, Kathy Hodgson. on Saturday 24th September. Two members have chosen to become reserve members of  Gamma.


Liz Malik
President of Gamma Chapter 
January, 2017

I’ve been reminded lately of meeting up with three newly retired local primary school teachers I have known for some years. I thought perhaps I had found some new members and explained a little about our organization. I was quite shocked when one of them exclaimed, “Well, I wouldn’t be interested because I’m not passionate about education anymore!” Later I thought that was one of the saddest statements I had heard all year, considering that even as we get older we all probably attempt to learn something new every day.
   The three speakers we have been fortunate enough to listen to lately have certainly given us food for thought. They all came very well prepared to pass on an important message.
    As chief executive of PTA UK Emma Williams showed that she has some very inspiring fresh thinking about PTAs and their role in schools as team workers with parents, teachers and children.
   Dr. Hilary Brown, although an experienced therapist, I felt gave us a real insight into how we can look at ourselves and others in a different light and have greater understanding of what makes us behave the way we do.
   Ann McCue transported us to Sumba, Indonesia with her beautiful, emotive photos and clear description of the way of life there. The charity she set up has in a short time made such a difference to the people there and enabled them to be independent and to have their children educated. How could anyone not be passionate about education when witnessing the changes that can be effected with support and care?
We look forward to organising more interesting talks in the NewYear and, of course, to the State Conference in April.