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An update on Revitalisation may seem a bit odd at the moment, but perhaps this forced rest period we are all enjoying, thanks to ‘lockdown’, is a good time for reflection. A time for us to become ‘revitalised’!

It’s now nearly two years since Carolyn Pittman came to London and led a session on Revitalisation of our society in UK. Her enthusiasm was infectious, and since then members of both chapters have been inspired to develop more interest in membership of DKG. We began with a project to donate books to local schools, with a follow up visit.  Although appreciation and interest in DKG was expressed by school staffs, this didn’t translate into attendance at meetings or recruitment of new members. We fully understand the heavy workload of teachers, but would love to share the advantages of DKG with both practising teachers and those now retired, teaching assistants, librarians, and all involved in education

The ‘Books for Schools’ project, certainly served to reignite current members’ enthusiasm for DKG. Through personal contact, both chapters have each initiated three new members over the past 18 months. This is a great result and we offer a warm welcome to all six of you. Maybe during this quiet period of ‘lockdown’ all members can think of other strategies to attract new members to our excellent organisation? Reflect on what attracted you to join. DKG is too good to keep hidden as though it were a secret society. Let’s shout it from the rooftops, or whisper it into the ear of close friends or professional acquaintances, and pique their interest!     

We now have 42 members –let’s all work hard to increase it to 50 within the coming year, and after that the sky’s the limit!

NB. Remember we have a European Facebook page and Gamma Chapter also has one, so we can keep in touch with each other in a variety of ways during this quiet period. Stay safe and healthy.

Sheila Roberts. Revitalisation Chair. 






Sheila Roberts with books DKG gifted to schools



Alpha Chapter welcomed three new members.

Tina O'Connor(second from left), Alison Ajayi (second from right) and Nuala Garvey (right).

Books for Schools Project

Gamma Member, Anne Goldstein, wrote about her visits to deliver books to primary schools:

Delivering the DKG books was an uplifting experience. The gift was welcomed by staff and children at all three primary schools I visited. The local newspaper printed a very positive article about our initiative, based on a press release I sent. This was also accompanied by pictures of staff and children accepting the books. As a result of one primary school visit, I led an assembly for International Women's Day, where I told the children about the work of our organisation and inspirational women in my life. Another member of DKG and I went to the school's Easter Tea, hosted by key stage one children, which showed how one positive event can lead to another.  At one school, a teacher showed great interest in our organisation and so this could lead to a new member. 

Sheila Roberts, Chair of the Revitalisation Committee, wrote: 

It’s such a pleasure to say that both chapters are on target with the ‘Books for schools project’.

Both chapters held brain storming planning sessions and formulated action plans. It was decided to donate books suitable for Key stage 2 pupils. Then the books were chosen and ordered. We decided what should accompany them, identified appropriate schools in the locality, and asked for volunteers to contact the schools with a time frame for the end of January.

The books chosen by both chapters as suitable for Key Stage 2 pupils to read are:-‘Great Women who made History’ and ‘Great Women who changed the World’.Additionally, Gamma added in ‘Women in Science’, which is a more challenging read, and may be best for the teacher to read to the class.

To accompany the books Kathy Hodgson designed and produced book plates to display the name of the donor.Joan wrote a template letter addressed to the headteacher of each school, which the volunteers will personalise to their designated school, and include an invitation for staff to come to one of our meetings.

Elisha Hoggart designed and had printed new postcards, which give some details about DKG and its international character. A number of these will be given to each school for sharing amongst female staff.

Each volunteer agreed to tie up the books and accompaniments with red ribbon. They look really eye catching. Gamma has begun delivering the books to the ten schools they identified. So far two volunteers report delight from the schools, and interest from the local press. We are hoping for a report in the local weekly newspaper.

Alpha had a very productive meeting on Saturday 9th February when everyone helped organise and collate the book sets, letters, etc into bundles - a total of 20. These were then allocated to each member who had agreed to contact schools.

Diana Bell and Penny Kinnear had a very successful and enjoyable visit to St John's Angell Town in Brixton where they both taught more than thirt years ago. The school has changed completely from a single storey building to a new 3-storey building which will eventually cater for over 750 pupils. They were given a tour of the school and were extremely impressed. They took a selection of (historical) items including photos of past pupils and staff. The headteacher was delighted to receive these for the school’s archive and also thanked them for the DKG books.

We hope the end result will be that DKG becomes better known by women working in education in Britain and hopefully will want to come along to one of our meetings.



We recently had a brain storming session, held in Central London, where members, led by Carolyn Pittman, Past International President, reflected on what they valued most about DKG. These are some of their thoughts:


Interesting speakers,

Respect for a teacher’s role,

Leadership and management training and opportunities,

Worldwide friendships,

Hearing and considering different perspectives,

Supportive friendships within the group,

Building confidence,

Learning from peers about education in their various countries,

The international aspect of DKG,

Broadening experience by travel to conferences in Europe and USA.

There are many more aspects of DKG which members appreciate. We would very much like to make DKG better known in Britain. We are actively encouraging new members to join us. Our current project to promote DKG is donating books to schools. We hope this will both help the schools and also publicise DKG locally. We invite women educators to come to our meetings, hear good speakers on a variety of subjects and make firm, supportive friendships. Meetings are held in London and Tunbridge Wells, Kent, on Saturdays. Information and dates can be found in the Calendar section.

We warmly welcome guests to our meetings.

We particularly value and celebrate the international aspect of DKG. This year’s Regional Conference in Reykjavik, Iceland, in July, is an ideal opportunity to meet fellow European and American members, and share all our expertise and experience in education.  It’s a great chance to see a new country and enjoy wonderful hospitality, and to renew old friendships and forge new ones from so many countries.

Sheila Roberts,       Revitalisation Chair.

Marian Bowles,      Membership Chair.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Janet Carrol, left, presents our books to Claire Regnarf, Headteacher at Salfords Primary School in Redhill.

Janet Carrol presents our books to Claire Baldock, Headteacher of Woodcote Primary School, Coulsdon.


Diana Bell, left, with Emilie Haston, Headteacher of Greenfinch Primary School, Wandsworth.


Carole Stirling, right, presenting Facilities Manager Liz Milner of Beechwood School, with our books.


Chris Ashley-Jones, Executive Headteacher of Hitherfield Primary in Lambeth, receives the books from Diana Bell and Liz Day.


Evelyn Goodsell, Vice President GB, thanking Carolyn Pittman at the revitalisation session. photograph by Anne Goldstein


DKG International Conferences that took place in 2019

Professional Research - Reykjavik, Iceland 27th - 29th July 2019

Arts and Humanities - Ashville, NC, USA, 27th - 29th June 2019

Leadership - Des Moines, IA, USA, 10th - 12th July 2019

Technology - Costa Mesa, CA, USA, 17th - 20th July 2019

Global Awareness - Mashantucket, CT, USA, 30th July - 1st August 2019



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