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Find out below what members said at our Revitalisation meeting in October in answer to the question:

What is it that you value about DKG?




Anne Goldstein, new Gamma Chapter member, took the pictures of Carolyn's revitalization session.

2019 DKG International Conferences 

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Arts and Humanities



Professional Research

Global Awareness

Ashville, NC, USA 27-29 June

Des Moines, IA, USA 10th-12th July

Costa Mesa, CA, USA 17-20 July

Reykjavik, Iceland 25-27 July

Mashantucket, CT, USA 30 July 1 August


What is it that you value about DKG?

    Celebration and value of female educators


    Opportunities to listen

    Interesting speakers 

    Respect for a teacher’s role 

    Know about what is happening in different countries (Europe and US) meeting,           travelling 

    Give our expertise to the society (Eg Climate change) 

    Supportive friendship with other teachers especially in difficult times 


    Leadership, management (opportunities) 

    Opportunities to make friendships worldwide 

    Non-judgemental equality (but accepting) 

    Supportive friendship within group and helping financially students from abroad 

    Hearing and considering different perspectives 

    Friendship, challenge and learning 

    Discovery and friendship 

    Making connections and expanding knowledge 

    Learning about a wide range of subjects – the whole of education (not just                  teachers) 

    A springboard for us to follow interests 

    Old friends 

    Building confidence 

    Sharing of knowledge and experience 

    The international aspect 

    Friendship and travel 

    Friendship and opportunities 

    Encouragement to do things you didn’t think you could do

Revitalisation Committee

Everyone who attended the State Conference in Kingston must remember the enthusiasm of Phyllis Hickey, our International speaker and DKG Business Director, who joined us from USA. Following her advice we decided that DKG is such a great organisation for teachers worldwide, that we would endeavour to revitalise it in GB.

Revitalise? Bring new life to our existing society in Britain? We think it is worth sharing its advantages and opportunities with many more women than the current members of Alpha and Gamma Chapters. Consequently Kathy applied to HQ and on 13th October we will have a special day together in London, led by Carolyn Pittman, Immediate Past International President. To prepare for this day of brainstorming, sharing of ideas and strategies to strengthen our commitment, and to attract new members to DKG, we formed a ‘Revitalisation Committee’. We wanted the committee to be representative of the different age groups and experiences which make up our society. Our main aim was to assist the success of the October day by providing Carolyn with an informative picture of our current situation and some idea of previous efforts at increasing membership.  

The members are: Kathy Hodgson, Diana Bell, Marian Bowles, Joan Carroll, Janet Carroll, Elisha Hoggart and Sheila Roberts (Chair).

The committee met on Monday, 30th July, and we spent the day analysing the current state of DKG in Britain. We agreed that the context of DKG in Britain is very different from that of USA. DKG is widely known in USA and not in Britain. We looked at previous expansion initiatives and strategies which we have tried, and analysed why they have failed to attract new members. These ranged from publicity of meetings and conferences, local media coverage and press releases, to the attempt to establish a new chapter in Cambridge. We didn’t have all the answers as to why these have mostly failed to attract new members, but could offer some explanations. We brain stormed ideas on the way forward for a more dynamic DKG and what aspects of DKG would appeal to younger teachers/educators.

Some of these were:

- The need to stress the internationality of DKG

- The need to stress opportunities for professional and academic development

- Widen membership to include librarians, teaching assistants, tutors etc

- Improve style and quality of publicity materials to be more inviting

- Reduce number of business meetings at chapter level

- High calibre speakers on interesting topics at meetings

Our current aim is to encourage every existing member possible to attend the special day with Carolyn on 13th October, in London. Your ideas and commitment will be invaluable.

(The minutes of the committee meeting will be circulated to all members to give a fuller picture of the range of topics and ideas covered.)

Sheila Roberts (Revitalisation Committee Chair)





Caroly Pittman, Immediate Past international President being thanked by Evelyn Goodsell, GB Vice-President. 



GB President Kathy Hodgson keeping up with what was being said by members.



Sheila Roberts, Chair of the Revitalisation Committee



























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