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With candlelight and roses as the traditional background the impressive ceremony for the founding of England State was conducted by Dr. Inez Jeffrey.

Photograph by Page Lloyd, Georgia State

The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International, which originated in the USA in 1929, was established in several European countries during the 1970s. Educators from Britain who had studied or gone on exchange programmes to the US had been introduced to the Society and what it had to offer. As a result, with the aid and support of Society members from the US State of Georgia, Delta Kappa Gamma was established in Great Britain in 1977.

Currently there are two active chapters: in London and the South East  These hold regular chapter meetings and educational visits. Each Spring there is a State Conference which is open to all.

There are five Regions within the Society.  Great Britain is part of the European Region consisting of Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, The Netherlands, Great Britain, Germany and Estonia. A biennial International Conference is held in one of the participating countries in Europe in odd-numbered years. An International Convention in the USA is held for all members in even-numbered years.

British members have a tradition of being very active within the Society. Our members regularly serve on international committees and are invited to be speakers at international events held by the Society. Opportunities to meet, hear stimulating speakers, make friends, network, participate in professional workshops and learn from and with teachers from around the world are all important and valued aspects of membership.

    New European State Presidents, Iceland, 2019

 Regional / International Conferences  

1999 Breukelen Netherlands
2001 Malmö Sweden
2003 Reyjavik Iceland
2005 Turku Finland
2007 London Great Britain
2009 Oslo Norway
2011 Baden Baden Germany
2013 Amsterdam Netherlands
2015 Borås Sweden
2017 Tallinn Estonia
2019 Reykjavik  Iceland


International Conference Banquet held in Iceland 2019

Members enjoying a new experience during a visit to Dulwich Hamlet Junior School, London.


DKG Society International  in GB continues to be fully involved in maintaining the values of the Society. The members especially appreciate the opportunities for professional and personal interaction between educators from Europe and America.


Past State Presidents

 Achievement Award

2009  Dorothy Haley
2013   Kate York

Great Britain
Achievement Award

2003   Lillian Lynch
2005   Phyllis Kern
2007   Loetitia Stone
2009   Pam Irons
2011   Gloria Redston
2013   Mary Wardrop
2015   Joan Carroll
2017   Evelyn Goodsell
2019   Diana Bel


The European Achievement Award is given biennually to members throughout Europe who are considered by their peers to have made a significant contribution towards the European Region.

The Great Britain Achievement Award is awarded biennually to GB members who are chosen by their peers for having made a significant contribution to the GB State Organisation.

The Golden Gift Fund was established in 1979 to commemorate the Society's 50th anniversary. Interest from investments and contributions are used to finance Leadership /Management Seminars at the University of Texas. The experiences are highly valued by those fortunate to be recipients. 



Pam Irons
Beryl McIntosh
Joan Carroll
Gloria Redston
Mary Wardrop
Kate York
Kathrin Hodgson 



Members Say:

We are encouraged to participate at all levels of the Society especially the level which is ABOVE that which we think we can achieve.

Sandra Blacker, Gamma Chapter,  State President 2003-2005.

We could never have imagined what a good time we would have on a wonderful potato barge in Amsterdam. 

Bettina Kulsdom, Gamma Chapter, State Treasurer 2003.

I feel very proud to be a member of a women's organisation of true educators. 

Liz MalikGamma Chapter President 2014-2016.

Becoming a member initially introduced me to a group of wonderful, intelligent ladies who are now good friends; since then it has opened up so many new avenues of interest, and offered experiences and responsibilities that I would never have imagined for myself.

Kathy Hodgson Gamma Chapter. State President 2015-2019.

DKG means to me: Travelling to exciting places with interesting events and speakers, friendships, meeting wonderful women and being part of something I value. 

Diana Bell  Alpha Chapter, State President 2007-2009 and 2013-2015. 

The International Aspect is what first attracted me to the Society and it has since given me so many different challenges and opportunities, both at home and abroad , that have really enriched my life.

Gloria Redston Gamma Chapter,  State President 2001-2003.

DKG is important to me because of its international aspect on education. I love meeting and sharing with like minded educators, both at home and from the many varied countries.

Sheila Roberts  Gamma Chapter. State President 2011-2013.

I would say going to new places and meeting new people with whom I feel at home. 

Diane Billam Gamma Chapter, State President 2009-2011.

I am truly grateful for my membership because:- having spent most of my teaching career as a part–time teacher, I have found no teachers’ organisation other than DKG that enables me to meet such a huge variety of professional people working in education. 

Unity Harvey  Alpha Chapter President 2002-2004.